Contour Drawing (Day 4)

Contour Drawing (Day 4)

Location: Zoom Date: Wednesday, March 27, 2024 Time: 6:00 PM Eastern Time Session Length: 3 hrs Total Length: 12 hrs Cost: $215
Intermediate practical

Course Description

This course takes place over four 3-hour sessions in the classroom. Each session covers a different aspect of drawing contours:

  • Bezier curves – learn the elusive tricks of drawing smoothly curved contours in the shape you want
  • Interpreting lidar base material – learn how to translate in your mind what you’re seeing on the screen to what the terrain will look like
  • What contours show – learn how to draw contours that show a balanced representation of different terrain elements such as high and low points, relative elevation, steepness, and shapes
  • Contours and the rest of the map – learn how to draw contours in harmony with other prominent features such as trails, lakes, and streams cliffs.

Additional Information

This calendar entry is for day 4 of this four-day course. Each day is 3 hours long including a break to get up and stretch in the middle. 

The four days of this course take place on Wednesdays throughout March:

  • Day 1: Wednesday, March 6th at 3pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern Time
  • Day 2: Wednesday, March 13th at 3pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern Time
  • Day 3: Wednesday, March 20th at 3pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern Time
  • Day 4: Wednesday, March 27th at 3pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern Time

Coming Prepared

This course uses Open Orienteering Mapper (OOM), which is a free mapping software. You can download it at

Participants should have previously participated in a Using Open Orienteering Mapper course or have previous experience mapping with Open Orienteering Mapper.

Using Zoom
A zoom link will be provided to registered participants by email. Please be set up ready to go for the start of the class with working audio and the software downloaded and installed so we don't have to take precious course time to sort that out.

Please participate from a laptop or desktop computer so you can use the software as intended. We strongly recommend you connect to zoom from a second device so you can follow the instructor on zoom while using your computer to practice the skills being presented.


This class is in the past. Registration is not available.