Starting a map project

Starting a map project

Location: Zoom Date: Saturday, June 8, 2024 Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Time Length: 2.5 hrs Cost: $60
Introductory practical theoretical

Course Description

This 2.5 hour online course is part 1 of Navigation Sports' Introduction to Orienteering Mapping course. In it, you will learn what you need to know to set up your first mapping project to modern mapping standards.

This module is mix of learning about foundational topics and tutorial-style practice. You will learn about a variety of topics that will make your first project (and all future projects) better, easier, and more rewarding while assembling your first project! Topics include:

  • Basic mapping concepts: Working with data, drawing maps, fieldwork, base map layers / templates, etc.
  • Common orienteering mapping software; OCAD or Open Orienteering Mapper (OOM)*
  • Georeferencing
  • Declination
  • Sourceing and using Open Data
  • How to get aerial photos using SAS Planet

* Instances of this course will focus either on OCAD or OOM.

The Using Open Orienteering Mapper or Using OCAD, Introduction to Fieldwork, and Laying out Your Map modules will allow you to take the project you start in this course to completion. See our course catalogue for more.

Additional Information

This class will work in Open Orienteering Mapper. 

Participants who also sign up for the June 22, Using Open Orienteering Mapper course will have a chance to continue the project they set up in this class.

Coming Prepared

There are two software packages we will be using during this course:

Participants will be provided with more information about setting up the software after registering.

Using Zoom
A zoom link will be provided to registered participants by email. Please be set up ready to go for the start of class with working audio and the software downloaded and installed so we don't have to take precious course time to sort that out.

Please participate from a laptop or desktop computer so you can use the software as intended. We strongly encourage you to connect to zoom from a second device so you can follow the instructor on zoom while using your computer to practice the skills being presented (preferably also with zoom so you can share screen if need be).


This class is in the past. Registration is not available.