Navigation Sports is a small one-man show based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada run by Jeff Teutsch.

Jeff's Story

Jeff's family were casual orienteers while he was growing up in Ottawa. In 2006 they signed up for and attended the 2006 North American Orienteering Championships in Guelph, Ontario under heavy encouragement from Cherie Mahoney. That was the start of Jeff's passion for orienteering. The following year they did a road trip to Saskatchewan for the Canadian Championships. Based on those championships Jeff was chosen as an alternate for the Junior National Team for the 2008 JWOC in Sweden and the deal was sealed.

Upon graduating from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Aerospace Engineering in 2011, Jeff spent a couple of years focusing on orienteering. It's been a long couple of years ;)

In 2009 Jeff attended the Junior Worlds in Primiero, Italy as an alternate / team official for Canada. Jeff competed with the Canadian High Performance Program from 2009 to 2016 including competing at the 2010 and 2012 World University Orienteering Championships and the 2012 World Orienteering Championships.

In 2016 Jeff transitioned fully from competing to coaching and has been coaching High Performance Athletes in Ottawa since. He has also been the Canadian Team coach at the Junior World Orienteering Championships from 2016 to 2018.

At the same time, Jeff has been working at the club level coaching, mapping and organizing events. With the exception of one year in 2015-2016 in Calgary with Foothills Orienteering and SOGO Adventure Running, the bulk of this work has been in Ottawa with Orienteering Ottawa. Over the years he has gradually transitioned from primarily volunteer work to being able to make a living working with the orienteering community. Jeff has sat on the board of directors of Orienteering Ottawa and Orienteering Canada for 3 years each. He has sat on numerous committees of both Orienteering Ottawa and Orienteering Calgary. Jeff is currently (2019) sitting on Orienteering Canada's High Performance Committee (having previously served as Orienteering Canada's Athletes' Representative) and is the chair of the Major Events Committee. Jeff has been involved in various capacities from mapper, to course setter, to announcer and more with 5 Canadian Championships, 2 North American Championships, and numerous local and regional events. Jeff has made maps in 5 Canadian provinces for everything from tiny school maps to large forest projects for championship events.

In December of 2018 Jeff started Navigation Sports to share his experience and love of orienteering with as many as possible.