Here you can find a variety of resources you may find helpful.

Orienteering Reference Guides

For athletes

These Reference Guides include illustrated descriptive map legends, some basic rules, an annotated sample map, and control description definitions. Developed for who has made them freely downloadable and has allowed me to share them here.

Skills and Development Database

For coaches For athletes

The Skills and Development Database is a project I undertook for Orienteering Canada between 2015 and 2019. The resulting site contains information about Orienteering Canada's Long Term Athlete Development Model, the skills athletes should be learning, and links to various related resources.

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Sample Lesson Plans

For coaches

Orienteering Ottawa has generously allowed me to share a year's worth of lesson plans I created for them in 2018. Feel free to take inspiration from them here.

Sprint mapping story

For Mappers For coaches For athletes

Here is a fun map and story about a multilevel sprint map I created and used for a training session in 2021.

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Map Reading Strategies

For athletes

In 2020 I developed a presentation discussing different map reading strategies and techniques and how they are used by elite orienteers. The presentation is an hour long.

Watch presentation

Lidar Case Studies

For Mappers

Minimum Area and Gaps Reference Sheets

In 2023 I started creating a set of reference sheets that, in a concise useful way, show the minimum dimensions for various gaps and symbols as listed in the IOF mapping specifications. You can find them in this article.

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