Introduction to Fieldwork

Introduction to Fieldwork

Location: Ottawa, Ontario (exact location tbc) Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2024 Time: 9:00 AM Eastern Time Length: 6 hrs Cost: $126
Introductory practical

Course Description

This 6 hour module will teach participants the basics of fieldwork. This module has both classroom and field components.

In this module you will practice the following:

  • Preparing your project for fieldwork
  • Using the software and hardware for fieldwork
  • Making decisions in the field:
    • Generalisation
    • Classification of features
    • Locating features
  • Post-fieldwork drawing

Additional Information

This class is part of Orienteering Canada's Learning Summit, on August 12-13 in Calabogie and Ottawa, Ontario. The Learning Summit also includes courses for officials and courses and an Advanced Fieldwork mapping class

Coming Prepared

What to bring:

  • Fully changed Android device with bluetooth mouse or high-quality stylus
  • Laptop with OOM on it for post-fieldwork drafting
  • Mouse, power cord, etc. to use your laptop
  • Lunch
  • Waterbottle
  • Good pair of shoes you are comfortable wearing in the woods for several hours

Participants should have previously participated in a Using Open Orienteering Mapper class or have previous experience mapping with Open Orienteering Mapper. Additionally, we highly recommend signing up for the June 8th Starting a Map Project, if you have not already taken it.  


Cost: $126 + tax

As this class is part of Orienteering Canada's Learning Summit, they are handling registration.  Note that the price listed on their website includes taxes and system fees.